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Online Banking


Bank on Your Schedule

First Federal Bank makes banking easier and more convenient by offering online banking with real-time transactions and access to your accounts 24/7.

Our online banking service is free of charge and allows you to:

  • View real-time account balances, check images, deposit slips, and full transaction history.
  • Access your accounts including checking, savings, loans, and CDs.
  • Transfer funds between accounts (including loans).
  • Export financial history to financial software/spreadsheets.
  • Request stop payments (including full range of checks).
  • Pay people with Zelle®, our personal payment service.


Click here to read the Retail Online Terms and Conditions.

Mobile Banking

With First Federal Bank’s mobile banking service, you have 24/7 secure access to your account information through text messaging, mobile web access, or through First Federal Bank’s free mobile app.

Starting is easy. Simply enroll in online banking, and once you’re logged in, click on Profile, then select the Mobile Banking option.

Our FFBMobiBank Smartphone App allows you to:

  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Make loan payments or advances.
  • Pay bills.
  • Deposit checks with mobile deposit.
  • Manage your debit cards, set travel plans, set spending limits, and turn on/off debit cards.
  • Pay people with Zelle®, our personal payment service.
  • Receive alerts for banking transactions.

Don’t have the FFBMobiBank App? It’s the quickest, easiest way to manage your accounts and deposit checks. Download it for free by clicking the link below that corresponds to your device.

Apple App Store Google Play Store

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Mobile Deposits

Deposit checks on your schedule with First Federal Bank’s mobile deposit service. With it, you can use your smartphone to make check deposits 24/7. Simply take a photo of the front and back of your check and submit it through the FFBMobiBank App.

  • Sign the back of the check(s) and write “For Mobile Deposit Only”.
  • Log into your FFBMobiBank Smartphone App.
  • Click the “Deposits” button, select which account to deposit into, and enter amount.
  • Take a photo of the front and back of check.
  • Upload photos and confirm your deposit.

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There is a $1,500 per item limit and a $2,500 per day limit per customer. Only one check per deposit is allowed.


Mobile Deposits are processed with no fee.


Available to any personal or small business account customer who is enrolled in First Federal Bank Retail Online Banking and has an iPhone or Android phone. Account(s) must be established and in good standing with the bank for at least 30 days.


Convenience - Mobile Deposit allows you to make a deposit at any time.

Funds Availability

Checks deposited before 4:00 pm (CST) will be reviewed and processed the same business day. After 4:00 pm (CST), the deposit will be reviewed and processed the next business day. For purposes of funds availability, a business day is Monday through Friday, excluding all federal holiday. Funds are normally received within two business days. It is suggested to keep your paper check until funds are posted to your account or by verifying your deposit status.

Deposit History

Under the Deposits menu, users can click on Deposit History to see checks that they have captured and submitted with their smartphone. This list will show their mobile deposits and the status of each (Accepted, Pending, Failed, or Unknown). Tapping on a check displays details about the deposit and provides you the option to view an image of the check.

Mobile Deposit Security

After the check has been successfully processed, the original item should be destroyed. Why? Checks are like cash and should be treated as negotiable instruments. Do not throw the check in the trash and do not keep the originals.

Additional Assistance

Please contact us at (337) 421-1200, toll free at (800) 860-1238, or visit a First Federal Bank office location near you.

Mobile Deposit Terms & Conditions


View your regular account statements online by signing up for eStatements. Simply log in to Online Banking to enroll in eStatements and start receiving your monthly account statements electronically. And yes, it’s absolutely FREE.


    • Email Reminders – sent to let you know when your eStatements are available.
    • Faster Delivery – see your bank statement before it arrives via postal mail.
    • 24/7 Availability – get your bank statements whenever and wherever you have internet access.
    • Safe & Secure – online bank statements are accessed via a secure site.
    • Access Past Statements – view up to 18 months of eStatements.
    • Less Paper – statements and images - including any over-the-counter transactions - can be viewed or printed from your PC.
    • Added Security – reduce your chances of becoming a victim of mail fraud.
eStatement Enrollment Instructions

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General Information

Q: How do I stop my paper statements?
A:You must be registered for Online Banking to stop your paper statements. Once logged in, click PROFILE to manage your electronic statements enrollment.

Q: Will I be charged a fee to receive First Federal Bank eStatements?
A: No, there is no fee to stop your paper statements and receive Online Banking eStatements.

Q: What information is available through the First Federal Bank Online Banking eStatements?
A: Customers receive notification via email that their statement is ready for viewing. These statements look just like the ones you now receive from us, including all accounts combined to your account statements.

Q: How do I view my monthly Online Banking eStatement?
A: Your statement can be accessed by clicking on the link in the monthly eStatement email notification or through the First Federal Bank homepage at Enter your First Federal Bank Online Banking Username and Password, and click on the account then on the Documents button to view your list of statements available.

Q: What if I accidentally delete my email notification that my Online Banking eStatements are ready? Can I still view them?
A: If you delete the email notification you can access your Online Banking eStatements through First Federal Bank's homepage at and enter your First Federal Bank Online Banking Username and Password.

Q: Can I have my Online Banking eStatement email notification sent to two different email addresses?
A: No, we can only send your Online Banking eStatement notification to one email address; however, you can access your statements via any computer with Internet access. Simply go to and enter your First Federal Bank Online Banking Username and Password.

Q: Does my statement cycle change if I receive my statement electronically?
A: No. Your statement notification email will be sent to you at the same time it would have been sent via postal mail. Since your statement is available through Online Banking, you will be able to obtain your statement sooner. Your Online Banking eStatement will be available the day after the end of your normal statement cycle date.

Q: Will I automatically get my First Federal Bank credit card statements via eStatements if I enroll my deposit account?
A: No, at this time monthly credit card statements are not available through your deposit account online banking. You can, however, receive your credit card statement by logging into your online account at Online Access Plus.

Q: How do I notify First Federal Bank of my new email address?
A: You can manage your email address by clicking PROFILE within Online Banking. You can edit your email address and electronic statements from here.

Q: How long will my Online Banking eStatements remain "online"?
A: First Federal Bank Online Banking eStatements will be available online for 18 months. Statements older than 18 months will be available by calling (337) 421-1200 or visiting any office of First Federal Bank.

Q: How do I opt-out of Electronic Statements?
A: You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive electronic periodic statements and disclosures at any time. To withdraw your consent to receive electronic statements and disclosures, you must notify us via email at, through our Website at, or in writing to First Federal Bank, eStatement Dept., P.O. Box 1667, Lake Charles, LA 70601. The withdrawal of your consent should be received at least ten (10) days before the end of your normal statement cycle.

Q: I have several accounts with First Federal Bank. Do I need to register each account separately for eStatements?
A: Yes, if you currently receive your account statements separately, you will need to register each account for eStatements. If you are already registered, you can add new accounts to eStatements. If you have accounts combined with one account statement, your electronic statement will include all combined accounts on your monthly account statement. Your First Federal Bank electronic statement will look the same as the paper statements you currently receive.

Security Information

Q: Is my eStatement account information protected from others viewing it?
A: Yes, your information is protected with the latest security features (128-bit encryption) and requires a password to access the information. This ensures that your information stays private!

System Requirements

Q: What kind of computer equipment and software program is needed to use First Federal Bank's eStatements?
A: To receive electronic delivery services, you must have a working connection to the Internet with email capability to receive and open Portable Document Format (.PDF) files with Adobe Acrobat Reader and access to a printer or the ability to download information in order to keep copies for your records.

Bill Pay

Pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit from the convenience of your computer.


  • Online Convenience – pay all of your bills with First Federal Bank’s online payment center and see a summary of your recent and pending payments.
  • Virtual Mailbox – receive bills from third-party companies and pay them directly from your online banking account*.
  • Automatic Payments – pay bills online or automatically schedule payments of a set amount at regular intervals.
  • Stay Organized – review bills and payments made over the last 24 months.
  • Pay people with Zelle®, our personal payment service.

*Not available everywhere. Contact us for more information on eligible companies.


External Transfers

External transfers are the convenient way to move money from your accounts at other banks into your own account at First Federal Bank of Louisiana – no checks, cash deposits or branch visits required.

Use an external transfer the next time you need to:

  • Transfer money into a joint account for shared household expenses.
  • Put money in a vacation fund to help with travel budgeting.
  • Move money from a savings account for emergency expenses.
  • No fees for the first five transfers per calendar month.

Enroll or log in to your online banking account below to schedule a transfer.




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