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Safe Deposit Boxes, Wire Transfers & More


Safe and Secure Deposit Boxes

Safe and secure deposit boxes are a safe storage solution for all your valuables. With a variety of sizes, you can pick the box that fits your needs. The annual Safe Deposit Box rental fee can be drafted from your First Federal Bank checking account. Please call or visit any branch location for availability of sizes or for more information.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an easy, fast, and secure way to wire money or send and receive funds electronically within the United States or internationally.

To send a domestic or international wire transfer, you will need to know the recipient’s banking information. This includes the recipient’s full name, address, bank account number, and ABA routing number. You will also need the recipient’s bank name and full address. An Outgoing Wire Fee will be charged, and the wire transfer daily cut-off is 3:30 p.m. If the wire transfer request is received after the cut-off time, the wire will be processed the next business day.

You can receive funds to your First Federal Bank account from any bank within the U. S. using a domestic wire transfer. You will need to provide the following details to the sender who will initiate the wire transfer through his/her financial institution (an Incoming Wire Fee will be charged):

First Federal Bank of Louisiana
1135 Lakeshore Drive
Lake Charles, LA 70601
ABA# 265270345
Your Name
Your FFBLA Account Number

Please call or visit any branch location for more information.

Telephone Banking

Get around-the-clock access to your account information with our 24-hour telephone banking service.

  • Transfer funds between your deposit accounts — a confirmation number is provided for each transfer, and immediate credit is given.
  • Obtain balance information on your deposit and loan accounts.
  • Verify the date and amount of your last deposit.
  • Obtain deposit account history and specific check information.
  • Verify the maturity date of your Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  • Obtain interest information on your CD, IRA, or loan.
  • Obtain current interest rates on deposit accounts.
  • Obtain payment and payoff information on your loan accounts.

Call (337) 421-1234 or (800) 860-1238 to access your account.



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