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Smart Access Checking

A Bank On Certified Checking Account


Our Smart Access Checking gives you the fresh start you need to build confidence in your financial future. Smart Access Checking offers SWLA and CENLA residents who are looking to improve their finances a safe, affordable, and truly useful mainstream banking product to access and manage their money. The account is Bank On Certified, which is provided by the nonprofit Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund.

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All checking accounts get these free services and products!

  • 24-Hour Account Information
  • eStatements   
  • VISA® Debit Card   
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking                    
  • Mobile Deposit                        


Personal Checking Account

Smart Access Checking

More Benefits & Information

  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • No checks issued*
  • uChoose Rewards®
  • No NSF Fees
  • No account activation, low balance, closure, or dormancy fees

Balance to Earn Interest

  • No interest paid

Account Maintenance Fee

  • $5 (assessed monthly)

* Any paper check, draft, or payment will be returned unpaid. The payee may charge additional fees when the check is returned. This account may receive four official checks each monthly statement cycle period at no charge. Additional official checks will be subjected to standard official check fees.


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