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In the Community

Since opening our doors in 1949, First Federal Bank has remained committed to making a difference in the lives of the people of Southwest and Central Louisiana. We take pride in working with non-profit organizations committed to enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve. First Federal Bank of LA strives to adhere to core standards that comply with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). As a community bank, it has always been our mission and responsibility to support the community through nonprofit and organization event support, in-kind donations and volunteer through the Change Makers Volunteer Group to ultimately help families, schools, businesses and local economies prosper.

As a financial institution, First Federal Bank is committed to our unique position as providers of financial education to members of the community. We do this through providing resources, conducting workshops and working alongside partners such as Project Build a Future, a program aimed at helping low- and moderate-income families buy their first home. By educating adults and our youth on sound financial principles and money management, we believe our efforts will empower them to create a better tomorrow for themselves and future generations.

First Federal Bank of LA’s primary focus is to support programs that develop community growth, strengthen families, improve the quality of life, and provide programs for youth that teach integrity, accountability and responsibility through:

  • Teaching financial literacy through programs that provide individuals and businesses with the tools needed to be financially fit.
  • Strengthening communities through economic development, job training, small business development, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization.
  • Cultivating the arts and culture community by possible funding for festivals, music events, cultural activities, art programs for underserved youth, and historic preservation initiatives.
  • Improving community health and human services for the underserved.
  • Supporting school activities/sporting events to encourage healthy communities and team building skills.
  • Improving community spirit through volunteering and supporting community/school activities.

Priority is given to those projects which:

  • Serve our geographic area.
  • Demonstrate a plan for long-term sustainability and potential to be replicated.
  • Support affordable housing for low-to-moderate income individuals.
  • Provide community services for low-to-moderate income individuals.
  • Promote economic development.
  • Provide neighborhood revitalization or stabilization program.
  • Focus on addressing a specific unmet need or issue.
  • Help attain community development credit.
  • Organization is governed by a board of directors.
  • Organization demonstrates fiscal and administrative stability.

First Federal Bank of LA generally does not support:

  • The sole benefit of an individual.
  • Organizations without a nonprofit status or nonprofits not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State office.
  • Local, state, or national political organizations or campaign committees.
  • Religious organizations for strictly religious purposes.
  • Controversial organizations in potential conflict with First Federal Bank of LA’s mission and core values.
  • National and international organizations, unless their programs have a significant, measurable local impact.
  • Trips and tours for individuals and groups, including transportation costs.
  • Individual sports teams that are not associated with a school.
  • Go Fund Me Accounts.
  • Requests for the discretionary, non-specific use of an organization.
  • Talent and beauty contests.
  • Requests for operating expenses.

You will receive a call or email from the Marketing Department within ten (10) business days following receipt of the request.

Community Support Request

If you are interested in requesting an event sponsorship or volunteer support for your organization, please complete the form. A member of our team will be in contact to further discuss.

Type of Request (check all that apply)
Do you or your organization currently bank with First Federal Bank?
Is there a First Federal employee involved in your event or organization? If so, who?

Please do not send any personal account or sensitive information in any Email correspondence. Email is not a secure means to send personal information.


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